Why Not All Dreams Should Last a Lifetime


  1. This was so timely and needed to hear this perspective, now I feel at peace.

  2. “Have you no loyalty to Basil? He’s not even dead yet!”

    Oh my goodness, I totally cracked up at that! 🙂

    I have been really enjoying your podcasts and am so glad to hear your wise words every week! So glad you chose to start down that new path.

  3. Jenn, the happy farm-girl says:

    This message was such a blessing to me! I have had a dream of “my own home” (which sounds like a very ‘far, green country’) since marrying my dear husband and moving in to his parents’ farmhouse upstairs. His father became suddenly disabled 3 years ago, then his mom became ill and passed away just this April. I have watered and nurtured this dream- watching all of the realtor’s new listings in our area and mentioning a few acres and a little cabin, somewhere on the farm.

    Hubby and father-in-law recently had a really good talk about the future and agreed that hubby and I would continue to live there and his dad would stay until the end of his life. I was so resentful that he didn’t even know that my dream just got crushed, unceremoniously.

    But God reminded me that I need to have my focus on my eternal, Heavenly home. The address my mail comes to and the rooms where my stuff hangs out is temporary, like the selfish tendencies that I struggle against. If He gave me that dream, would I have loved it so much that I loved Him less?

    Like Basil I, I am praying to let that dream go, entirely, to watch for whatever even better dream God provides.

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