1. but i’m still not ok with it. our teenage kids don’t get me anything, either, for my birthday, christmas or mothers’ day.

    i think its sad that i spend so much of my time money on getting them things they need/want, and they don’t bother.

    (yes, i’ve just been crying about it)

  2. i know. i’ve already given my husband our combined valentines and anniversary gift (march 1st) – while he hasn’t gotten me my Christmas gift yet. he loved it.

    the dog ate my black purse two weeks before christmas – and my husband said “let’s go to the mall and you can choose the one you like best” i don’t want that. i’m capable of going to the mall by myself and choosing the bag i like.

    so now he told me: you really get great gifts, but i don’t know how to shop. so don’t spend more money on gifts for me. i’m incapable of getting you any 🙁

  3. Thank you for, “When you love gift giving and he doesn’t”, just the thoughts and reminders I needed today. Instead of being sad and angry tomorrow morning when invariably neither my husband nor son got me a gift, we’ll go for a long family walk around the neighborhood admiring everyone’s Christmas decorations.

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