1. Traci Hughes says:

    Hi Cheri! Thank you for the message & ther reminder! However, I have a silly question…
    In the email linking me to this week’s blog message, it said “You’ll find one key question you can ask to make sure Perfectionism stays far, far away.” I didn’t find a question =(. Did I miss it or do I need to purchase your book to get it?? – Thanks!

    1. Heya Traci — I never did state it as a clear question, just a statement: “The one thing you need to know about Perfection is whether or not it’s the right tool for the job.” So the key question is, “Is Perfection the right tool for this job?”

  2. Rosie Beavers says:

    I do like your emails very much. Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts with others to help us be better Christian women, mothers, wives, etc. Bless you and enjoy your success with your books, etc.
    God has given you wonderful talents. Let’s thank our God each day for His providences and help!

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