1. Elisa M Gray says:

    Last April I moved back into my classroom after remodeling while also teaching classes in that same classroom. During a test, I was putting away books. I don’t know why I thought there was a chair behind me, but I did. So, when I “sat” on it, I fell on the step stool that WAS there and then onto the floor. The pressure of hitting the floor caused me to fart. The class, including me, erupted in laughter. “Time to take a break!” I said. A few months later, a girl had a few minutes at the end of class and asked if she could draw a picture. “Sure.” She drew a picture of me with my curly hair and cute dress farting. I saved it. (I have also told this story many times to great laughter every time.)

  2. Patricia Bell says:

    The idea never occurred to me that perfectionism could be a tool or, surprise surprise, be the least bit connected to humor. It’s too serious to be giggled about! You have given me a goal to giggle, or guffaw at my goofups. In fact I just might intentionally 🤓

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