1. LOL! I love the “Oh, Cheri.” or “OH, Cheri.” Or “OH, CHERI!” Tee hee! I can hear the inflection in each one. The last thing you want to hear when you mess up is your name. LOL!! I try to instantly put myself in that person’s shoes. and take the attention off them, not in an obvious way. –Oh, Cheri spilled a bowl of nuts. Everyone look over there! LOL! Normalizing the situation as much as possible works for me. When people spill/break/trip at my house, I say, “That’s the first time that’s ever happened at my house.” As they realize the humor and ridiculousness of what I said ( I have 5 kids), they begin to relax and laugh.

  2. Marcus knows how to analyze a conversation and give help that’s really helpful. I’m slowly discovering that when I make a mistake, telling myself, “Why do you DO things like that? You know that’s stupid.” is not helping myself. It is not motivating to seek change in my thinking and behavior.

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