1. Are you sure you’re not married to MY husband? 😉

    This is incredibly helpful wisdom! I will remember it next time I’m tempted to roll my eyes and get defensive. Thank you for inviting us into the intimate moments of your life so we can see God at work through you both.

  2. I can relate to having a husband who is a perfectionist and the frustrations it causes my free spirit personality. I would like to diffuse confrontation by asking questions and I need help figuring out the best questions to ask. I would love to have my husband say he was thinking of my best interest. I feel he is always trying to change me to fit into his perception of how life should be. Any ideas for reading to help me find the best questions to ask? Thanks for your blog. I enjoy reading it each day.

  3. Marcene Saxman says:

    Bless you, Cheri. You did it. You asked and listened! This is an excellent reminder for all of us, married or not. In this age of, and our nation of, ‘offendedness’, perhaps we all should Stop, Ask and Listen. We could put out all sorts of unnecessary fires.

  4. 20 years of marriage and getting better every year! says:

    Wow! So simple but so hard to do. I love love love that you are sharing this. It could turn a marriage around in less time than anyone might think!

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