1. Loved this! Something Holy Spirit has been teaching me about this year is Receiving-Giving circles. I have to receive something from God to give something back to Him. When my receiver is fixed and the circle is working, then I have something to give horizontally. Anything broken horizontally begins with something broken in my receiver between God and I. And religion, unfortunately often teaches us to give something to God in order to get something from Him. Fails everytime, vertically and horizontally.

  2. Oh, Cheri . . . once again I feel as if you are speaking. Just. For. Me. There is such freedom and power in giving voice to the troubles we have and the truth we need. Thank you for doing this for me. For us. And for you.

    As I empathize with your grief over a lost parent, I also marvel in precious story unfolding from that difficult, precious place. While you’ve always had wonderful wisdom to share, there is greater depth to your message than anything I’ve read up previously. This clearly comes from a sacred place.

    Thank you for inviting us into it.

    (BTW, I also love the hyperlinks to Bible verses. I’d never thought to do that–but I will from now on. That is a beautiful, inspired touch.)

    What a treasure you are!

  3. Wow- I can so relate…. But I’m also the perfectionist parent… I crave something from everyone that I never seem to get and yet when someone compliments me on anything i find it so difficult to receive it. I can’t seem to give to my husband what I want from him. I can’t seem to lose the expectations I place on others or myself. I know Grace but haven’t quite learned to use it! This makes me very sad… Thank you for writing this!

  4. Terri Goehner says:

    Wow Cheri…..all I can say is “wow”. All my life I have struggled with receiving grace…somehow feeling like I don’t deserve it or haven’t earned it (I know, it doesn’t sense). Thanks for helping me understand and see myself better. As always, I love and appreciate your transparency and honesty.

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