1. I’m sure you don’t hear this often but both my husband and I are melancholy/analytics. 🙂 There are many great things about this but there are also many not so great things. The great thing is that we both know our personality types and God has helped us work through some very interesting situations. God brought us together and He continues to work in our lives. We both enjoy our space and quiet but also love our times when we can just be in the same room together and words are not needed. It will be interesting to see what types our daughters will become. 🙂

  2. Michelle —

    You’ll find a scenario-based assessment designed for kids here: http://www.kathilipp.com/books/21ways/assessment.php

    Adults can certainly take it, too.

    In my audio “Let’s Get PURSE-onal!” I go through visible signs to look for with each PURSE-onality: http://purseonalitychallenge.blogspot.com/2012/03/lets-get-purse-onal-audio.html

    Here are a couple others:



  3. How do you know what personality you are? Is there a test that I missed?

  4. Wow! This so well described me that I can’t wait to read the other ones to find out which best suits my husband too! Thanks so much for writing this!

    1. Amy —

      Did any of these stand out for you? What would be your Top 3? (I’m not Melancholy/Analytic, so I’m glad I didn’t mess up the list, and I’m always curious about which ones may be “better” than others!)

  5. Wow, this just about described me to a “T” (not really sure what the “T” in that cliche means! Ha!). And I love the “good old fashioned shuttin’ up”! Thank you!

    1. Dottie–

      LOL about the “T”! Now I’ll have to look that up to see why we say that!

      Yeah, my husband loves the “good old fashioned shuttin’ up” too…especially when I’m the one doing it! 😉

  6. I love the way you offer ideas that show love to the recipient instead of just reflecting our society’s commercialization of the Christmas season. Thank you!

    1. Cristi —

      I’ve always hated the, “Oh no, five more relatives are coming for Christmas! Let’s dash into Target and grab 5 more things from the Gifts For Everyone isle!” I just don’t see the point.

      Of course, speaking another’s love language is a LOT harder than dropping $10. Ultimately, gift-giving is a form of sacrifice because we give a part of ourselves.

  7. There are lots of these that would fit me perfect.

    1. Lori —

      How often do you receive the ones that fit you? (Actually, a better question would be how have you learned to make sure you receive the ones you need?)

    1. Shonda —

      Are the people closest to you also Melancholy/Analytic? (In other words, are you surrounded by people who understand or who are baffled by this list?!!!)

      1. Hi Cheri- I commented on this 2 years ago and last night I had a conversation with my husband about these very things and he just looks at me blankly! I am home all day with 2 little kids and I try to snatch a quiet time in the afternoon, but I am very often interrupted. I honestly don’t get anything done during the day so I save it all up for when it’s finally quiet at night and my husband can’t figure out why I stay up rather than go to bed. And I do spend time with him several times a week, but I also need my space and it seems like the only time I get that is very early in the morning or late at night. ((Sigh)) I told him that my dream would be for him to take the kids away for a week so I could have the house to myself so I can clean and think.

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