1. for the person who puts thought into giving a compliment, it can feel like a slap in the face for some to NOT receive it in the spirit it was given. it is a gift. welcome it. embrace it. receive it as such and enjoy it. GOD may have sent it your way for an encouragement.

    we often forget that altho’ we are all to encourage, there are also those with the gift of encouragement! whether a person is just learning to encourage or has done it for years, you are throwing that gift in their face when you “try to be humble” in some of the ways mentioned. that isn’t humility. that is throwing away a gift that was given to you and it is not only NOT humble, it is rude!

    receiving compliments can often be uncomfortable. if you don’t know what to say, start with “thank you!” and move on from there. no “buts”…ever. express your appreciation for the kind words, timeliness? if that is the case. if you learn how to receive compliments, you might even receive more at another time. they can also be great training for giving compliments to others:)

  2. Absolutely LOVE THIS! This is a big struggle of mine as well (receiving compliments). In an effort to not come across as conceited or prideful, I tend to say things like you said above. I LOVE your encouragement here! Thank you so much for sharing this fresh perspective on the importance of receiving a compliment-and how important it is to do it correctly!! ♥

  3. It is difficult to receive compliments. These are good words to consider. I think we’ve all been hurt by compliments that we gave that were received ungraciously. So, I will work on receiving compliments as if they really made my day, which they often really did.
    BTW, thank you for the speech you gave to the incoming parents at Academy Days. Letting your kids learn to fail. . then getting back up and keeping on, without mom and dad holding their hand every step of the way. I think that would be a good blog topic, also.

  4. What great advice! I had no idea what I was doing to other people when I uncomfortably deflect a compliment. Now I better know what to say, and can train my children as well. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Nicco Cobb says:

    I had a feeling this was where you were headed. Men are even worse with handling compliments. Often waiting to hear that we did well, a pat on the back, other kudos. Li
    ke it really makes a difference.
    I like to just look to the sky and say, “one more for our side ” as I wink towards heaven and draw an imaginary point on an imaginary scoreboard. Being raised a “smartalec” I always try to deflect compliments because my ego is so easily iverfed. I don’t mean hurt to others, just trying to keep ego in check! Now I see that Emily has the right idea. Like all good gifts we should always share.

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