1. Dear Cheri,
    Thanks for the article. I will use it for my team members. The need to specify is really important. Thanks again for that important message.

  2. sheryl borricano says:

    Nowadays, giving a compliment or expressing gratitude was made easier thru social network like Facebook=) but I think it’s important that users also manage their power to hit LIKE, SHARE or POST a comment. And here I find your articles (giving/receiving compliments) very helpful and I am excited to share it with friends.

    The best compliment I received was on how well I am raising my kids. And the inner glow that I have since I decided to be a Stay @ Home Mom.
    Despite of these very flattering comments I just replied “thank you” and failed to let them know
    how amazing they made me feel.

    Thanks again for this post Ms. Cheri.

  3. I completed survey a few moments ago.

  4. I so agree with Noelle I have a 19 year old daughter who is way more negative than positive and I fear she got it from me as I did from my Momma. I try to point out to her the positive aspects of a certain, person, activity, etc.. and she blah, blah, blahs me, but I think I have actually improved a bit in this area because I am convicted by the Holy Spirit. It is also teaching me to be more aware of my poor habits. Whenever I notice something I don’t like in someone else I look to me to see why it bothers me and it is almost always because I have some portion of the same annoyance blaring out at me. Mrs. Cheri Gregory you are doing a lovely service for me & my family.
    Keep at it,

  5. Claudelle's Zack says:

    I completed your survey, yesterday. I am enjoying your blogs. I attended the retreat in Willits last month.

  6. Noelle Tym says:

    Cheri, my youngest daughter is a complainer. Hopefully she didn’t get it from me! So I love what you said about complimenting being a way to combat complaining. I want to start modeling this as a mom and pray that it will catch on…! Maybe I’m a little late since she is 15 but better late than never! And still it is a fabulous idea to incorporate into my life. It’s right up there with practicing thankfulness in place of grumbling. I needed to hear this. Thank you!

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