1. Dana Ekstrand says:

    Did you ever get to choose your bedspread?

  2. I am marveling that your mom kept this for so long! and I am marveling that she did not cause you bodily harm! Great writing, even at such a young age. You are right, you should have been a writer!

  3. Shopping itself is a dividing line between my daughter and I-she loves it and I only do it when necessary-but this summer while she was home from college (going back this weekend, big sigh of sadness) I offered to take her shopping rather than wait for her to ask, She was pleasantly surprised. That trip went well, but I am reminded of a shopping trip when she was much younger when it took two hours to find one shirt. Of course it had to be cute, but I was pretty strict about modesty. So, finding a modest but cute shirt was tough, but we did it. We both saw it at the same time and we both said “how about this one?” and the rest is credit card history.

  4. great story, cheri. i used to like shopping… by myself. now i have to go shopping with my mom and sister for clothes for the kids. they are born shoppers, both of them. my sister always seems to find the good deals. of course that requires a lot of extra time in malls infested with… people. i like my computer and online shopping. mostly that means i stick things in the virtual cart and never buy them. my mother especially hated my style, it showed all over her face, and often it came out of her mouth. she has good taste, for her clothes, and often i point things out to her that have her ‘look’. my daughter decided she didn’t like pink and ruffles, ay that was a hard pill for me to swallow. i still cringe at the styles she chooses, but have been practicing saying ‘it’s so you’.

  5. Chuckle…a born writer….such drama and hyperbole or did Cheri really fall to the floor? Actually, my Mother and I and even Daddy enjoyed shopping together. Do like pix as saw that look on my Mother’s face at other times. Thank you for the word picture and the actual picture.

  6. Now THAT was funny! 🙂 If you EVER think you are not a good writer…are having a bad day….the self-doubt has you down…just reread THAT one! Fantastic….thank you!

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