1. Oh man I bet I am always trying to take situations into my own hands. Anything that involved my husband or daughter!!

  2. Patricia Mortley says:

    I take things into my own hands more than I care to think about and is always come out wrong and I unthinking start the next day doing the same thing. Funny how often I do this un till the truth hit me if only i took it to the lord in the first place,i guess this will happen more often that not untill i get it right. father pleasew always keep me in your loving arms and even when i take things in my own hands say daughter i have this! amen.

  3. Do it more than I realize I’m sure.

  4. Amazingly enough, i remember this lesson very well from BSF, But have never heard it from this perspective. Yet how often do we do it? We do it more often than naught.

  5. I take things into my own hands all the time. It seems I always get involved in the busyness of the day and forget to take things to God. I rush around doing my “stuff” and forget to let God help me through the day.

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