1. I guess they don’t want to see them hurt, so they help in whatever way they can,even if that way isn’t necessarily helpful.

  2. I have been guilty of trying to rescue my children from things. Sometimes I think it is because we know the pain and the consequences of some of those actions. That is not always true of our youth. I know that the old saying is “Learn from your mistakes.” I am trying very hard to allow my children to do that. Sometimes it means that they suffer a bit, but they have to learn to deal with that too.

    As a teacher, I have noticed that there are two extremes when it comes to parenting: the parents who have washed their hands of their child and what we call “the helicopter parent”. The first type of parent says, “I have tried everything and I can’t do anything with him.” The second type is trying desperately to do everything so their child will never have to deal with being second best or losing out on anything. I would LOVE to be the parent who is somewhere in the middle: praying for, guiding, and talking with my child, trying to help him or her make wise choices, celebrating with them over their victories, helping bandage them up when they fall and stumble, and lovingly assisting them as they deal with their OWN mistakes.

  3. I think we all remember the mistakes we made when we were young and we know the consequences that can have long lasting reaches. We really don’t want them to make those same mistakes.

  4. Great post!! Remembering this with my children…

  5. Patricia Mortley says:

    When my daughter started her new job,she let a “friend”talk her into passind a test for her well the boss found out and they both were let go.I sain to her you knew better now you have to pay for it. This hurt my heart very bad because I knew if I spoke to the boss she could get her job back ,but I had to let her learn the hard way you have to reap what you sew.Now Let me let you know this was a hard thing for me to do and I put much prayer in it because my” little girl” needed to learn the consequence of her choice.,And i needed to learn to step back and let her grow in her own widsom. As a single mon all I wanted for my children is more than me and they will never learn if I keep picking up the cloths thrown on the floor so I am learning little at a time to let go and let God.

  6. I agree with all the ladies above. We, as parents, are always trying to protect our children from harm. They learn from their mistakes so we should have faith and trust in God. Sometimes our love for our children takes over and we often forget that they made the choices and should face the related consequences. As a former teacher, I have also seen parents “rescue” their children from some major misbehaviors that definitely shouldn’t be ignored. They make excuses for their children possibly because they see it as a reflection on their parenting skills??? I am not sure why. But, the children never learn – what they learn is I can do this and mommy or daddy will fix the problem. I can get away with more. There are some parents that truly want to deal with the issues and take the “easy” way out. I am just throwing a few things out there that first come to mind so I am sorry if I offend anyone. I am definitely not saying all parents would do this, but in my experience I have seen this happen on more than one occasion.

  7. Martha J. Sturm says:

    Parents just don’t want their children to suffer in anyway.

  8. Even with a young baby I want to protect her from danger, harm, and hurt because I love her so much. I would love to cocoon her in safety. As a mom, I think we value our children’s lives more than our own!

  9. Janet Worthy says:

    As parents, we have a terrible habit of wanting to fix everything for our children, instead of trusting God. How horrible to think this is a reflection of lack of faith?

  10. When I was a teacher I had parents constantly excuse their children’s behavior. I think so many parents don’t want to put up with the consequences of their kids behavior so they try to rescue them thinking it is what will help them, but it actually hinders them.

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