1. Mary Davidson says:

    When waiting on my children. I don’t want to hurry them but want to instead enjoy the moment.

  2. World_runner says:

    I want a little less hurry in the time I spend talking to my mom, my husband and my kids. My 2015 goal is “joyfully present in His presence”, remembering that these people are His presents to me.

  3. I want to feel less hurried on Saturdays. Because I work outside the home FT, I am always cramming chores/food shopping/other errands into Saturday, which makes me cranky by the time my husband comes home from work.

  4. I want feel less hurried at work, so I have more to give when I get home and more energy for the weekend.

  5. relationships dont develop and maintained when we are in a hurry; People need our time.

  6. I had to laugh at the examples! Been there! Done many of them! Trying to slow down and be more intentional. I’m trying to be more mindful of not letting hurrying allow me to make mistakes. What’s the worst that will happen if I’m five minutes late?

  7. Oh the crazy of HURRY! I’ve missed out on many blessings because I did not take the time or just tried to do ONE MORE THING before heading out the door only to be late for the appointment and/or just missed the deer in the backyard or……..UGH!! THANKS for the reminder and the AHA of the COST of hurry! Will start taking a little more time right now!! Plan, Do and Enjoy whatever task is at hand. Thanks Cheri and thanks to those who contributed their Hurry moments, I related to way too many of them! Breath……deep!

  8. Heather H. says:

    I’d like to feel that I didn’t have to constantly “hurry” off to do work related stuff when I want to just snuggle with my children.

  9. Melinda Lancaster says:

    My husband is currently working the afternoon shift. He’s been on a seven day a week rotation for months. It seems like we wake up rushing and are on a dead run to the front door when it’s time for him to leave. I hate the feeling. I think to make things better I’d have to commit to going to bed much earlier at night. That’s a challenge because when he gets home we want to spend time together. But the next day it translates to two people still trying to wake up while shoveling dinner down their throats before many people have lunch. Yikes!

  10. Alleta Liebenberg says:

    I choose to spend a few more minutes talking to a friend I normally try to get rid of over the phone, assuming she is just wasting time because she is not as BUSY as I am (rolls eyes at self), only to find out later that she really needed someone to talk to that day due to a marriage problem.

  11. Great wisdom here…. Learning to slow down and doing one thing at a time is so hard. I think that I hate to think that I can’t multitask.

  12. I can’t pick just one area. I think I’m a hurry addict! But the Lord has me in a season of rest and I have noticed how much hurry costs me in peace. It comes with an extremely steep price tag. So I am learning to have margins n my life. It’s not terribly hard (but still difficult at times) in this season. I’m rather worried about how well this lesson will stick when I have many things on my plate to do. Breathe in. Breathe out.

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