1. Kari-Anne Robinson says:

    I didn’t get the first day! Did I fail to connect properly? Or did it get deleted by mistake!? Yikes.

  2. I need to go on a fixing fast because I want to be free from fixing people around me like my immediate family members, friends and workmates.

  3. I am looking forward to this online message thru the month. It will be just what I need as I return to work, half days for now, after hip replacement surgery!

    Anxious to get back to work, but with limitations and know I can’t fix all the things from the 6 weeks I have been away!

  4. Joanne Fehr says:

    My husband often comments to me — why don’t you care about someone’s issues? It’s not that I don’t care – it is just that God has not laid it on my heart to do somehting about it. I call it – creating boundaries. I do not need to take on other’s worries and make them my own. I am doing just fine in my relationship with the Lord – I do not need to ‘fix’ or become overly helpful to someone who is not asking for my help directly. This is a new concept for some Christians. Being a people pleaser – I have had to let alot go and not feel guilty aabout it. If Jesus wants to put that on my heart and mind then I will keep the ears of my heart open to listen to that still small voice – not the clanging of a cymbel that is demanding my attention, Hope this doesn’t sound too harsh – It has just been my way of dealing with things outside my immediate family.

    1. The reason I need to go on the “Fixing Fast” is because
      I’m in a new position in work and dealing with the changes to friendships/relationship and I’m finding it a challenge. I need to stop trying to make everything better for others.

      1. I need this since I have to get rid of the ‘if only’ phrase in my head. IF ONLY my son would do this, IF ONLY my daughter would do that….. their life would be easier, more successful etc etc. how and why did I get in this position of fixing everyone? I want to stop and think this will help.

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