1. Another great post Cheri! Thank you for sharing from your heart. Perfectionism is a tough one to get through. I have gotten much better over the years but it’s still hard for me at times.

  2. “A perfectionist is not someone who is perfect; it is someone who is miserable because they can’t get it right.”


    I would also like to know, “What scriptures bring you comfort and relief?” because I’ve had a hard time finding a truth to fight all the ‘shoulds’ that tend to plague me… (ie: I should have known… I should have done better…)


  3. Dolores Green says:

    Thank You so very much Cheri. This was very helpful and now I understand much better.

    Thank You Honey, I will read your story later. I have more feedback about how it helped but i will email you later today or tomorrrow. I appreciate your posts they are educating me in a very deep way.

    With Love,

    1. Dolores —

      So glad! I think we’ve all got a lot of misperceptions of what perfectionism is and isn’t floating around.

      Continued prayers for ya!


  4. You know, I’m struggling with this. I’m sure I’m a perfectionist on some level(s), but I’m having trouble identifying it (maybe because if I call a spade a spade I’ll have to admit that it’s a bad thing). I’ve learned to let a lot of things go – I used to turn into a crazy person before guests arrived, but (with my husband’s pleading) I’ve done what I could, and just let the rest of the dust and cat hair be what it is! I’m loving this series, it’s really making me dig deeper!

    1. Adelle —

      I’m not a card-carrying perfectionist any more. I think I left my card at home when I left for college. What may look like “perfectionism” to others is simply my drive to do things “good enough”…and since nobody ever tells me when to stop, and I have no idea what “enough” looks like, I’m like the Energizer bunny when I get into a project: I just keep going and going and going…

      Now that my graduate school advisor realizes this, she reads my drafts and then e-mails me, “ENOUGH! STOP! MOVE ON!” and I do! (After a little bit of mourning over what I still had planned…but my drive to keep moving and accomplish more is clearly stronger than my desire to dwell on a project to “perfect” it…)

      The scary thing I’m discovering through the surveys is that I’ve been far more of a people pleaser than I ever dreamed! (I’ll share how I know this next week…let’s just say that the two words used to describe the consequences of being a Pleaser fit me to a “T”…and they’re not “helpful” and “cheerful”!)

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