1. I want to give my daughter’s the same advice but cannot… and, please do not judge me! I have seen many friends choose fields that they love (including my brother who is a famous artist), sit without work and no back-up field to support themselves. What I have told them is to choose a field that can support their lifestyle and to make sure that they underwrite it with their passion. Not like yourselves, I had parents that believed girl’s furthering their education beyond high school was not necessary (this by the way, did not stop me!).

    Instead, I support them in making solid choices through prayer and continuing their passions as contributions to enrich their lives and to those around them! ❤

  2. Sharon Ball says:

    Cheri, what a great blog post. I could feel your love for your daughter as I read your words. Like you, I was blessed with parents who encouraged me to discover God’s plan for my life, and I’ve tried to do the same for my stepchildren. His plans are far greater than anything I could ever hope to come up with for myself and my family, so I’m thankful that we let Him lead us.

  3. This is so gentle, so profound, so on the mark — and so necessary for this day and age when parents are pushing kids to be everything they think kids “should be” without really listening to what the kids “want to be”. I’m excited for Annemarie’s future, even if I don’t know her; I know it will be a blessing for her, and through that, a blessing to others. Way to go, Cheri!

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