1. Anonymous says:

    Alzheimer’s has brought her the gift of grace. Without knowing it she has reached the (God’s) perfection she always dreamed of.

    Thanks for reminding us that some day there will be life without middle aged depression or old aged Alzheimer’s and that will be heaven.

    And how very important it is to be happy with our children. Thanks, tons of prayers and a few tears,

  2. Moving stuff even for a guy. Well written. Well done.

  3. Sexy Christian Wife says:

    That is so beautiful. It helps to remember what is really important and that we have hope.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Knowing you, having a history of friendship with you, knowing just some of the trials you went through…I hear so much more than I ever did those high school and college years in those almost 5 minutes of poem. It’s beautiful, poignant, and deeply honest. I find myself crying with you.
    Yet, there is a promise and hope! Love you, friend. I pray and hope with you.

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