1. People-pleasing and perfectionism have imprisoned me all my life. I have been on a life-long journey to break free from them. At age 68, I am still fighting this disease to please far more than I ever wanted to. Thank you for your honest and authentic heart Cheri!

  2. I have been “somebody” and ” anybody” for a long time. As I was reading your points, I realized that is me. I always answer to those all the time. This has taken quality time from my children and husband. I remember one time our youngest son asked me why I didn’t tell him that I loved him! And now I understand! I am so busy trying to fill in for “somebody” and “anyone” that my mind is so much occupied and overwhelmed by the weights I have accepted to be put on my shoulders. I will stop from today. Thanks Cheri for accepting to share your life with us.

  3. Amen sister. I used to be that person. BUT……………God said the world will not fall apart if Bette does not step up and save the day. There are others who can do this thing better, more willingly, with a better attitude let it go. So I spread my wings and flew home.

  4. I agreed to be the ‘somebody’ to take over the Treasurer position at our church. The current treasurer was burned out and we needed another. Nobody wanted to do it, so I decided to the ‘somebody’ to take the job could be me. What a disaster! I hated every minute of it. It was not my calling or my gift. Before a year was up, we HIRED a professional to do the job. What a relief! I sure wish we had done that to start with – and we probably would have, except that “somebody” needed to step up and do it, and I let that ‘somebody’ be me.

  5. Great reminders for me as we look at the different activities and ministries God might be calling us to, or not calling us to in the new year.

  6. Oh, it was so hard for me to not volunteer at my daughter’s last drama club meeting, so I can totally relate to this post!! Looking forward to seeing what else you share on this topic 🙂

  7. I think the only person you neglected to mention was Not Me. Who lives at my house. “Who left the lights on/ate the last something/broke this/didn’t put their trash away?” My children are all sure to chorus, “NOT ME!”

  8. I’ve found myself in being “Anybody” and “Somebody”. I finally had to say no, I’ve got enough on my plate. My husband helped me by telling me if I couldn’t say not then to say he said I couldn’t do it. I know it’s hiding behind my husband but it also helped me to learn to say no. My fall back statement was, “Well, somebody has to do it.” I don’t have to be that “somebody” anymore. It’s actually a freeing feeling.

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