1. Wow!

    Yes. Yes. Yes. A million time Yes!!!

    I screw up all the time, it’s my never-ending, infernal curiosity and it gets me in more trouble. But when I take my eyes off my own self and put them on someone else, life change happens for everyone!

  2. This is very helpful, thank you.

  3. Kira Lee Martin says:

    Thank you Cheri for sharing! Such amazing timing that you share your newly found Godly wisdom to turn from shame and thank others.

    I heard last week on Klove the darling female DJ shared how she read a Twitter feed about not apologizing yet turning it into an opportunity to thank others.

    Example: Showing up 5 or 20 minutes late and instead of profusely apologizing like many of us normally fall back on as our go to words of shame…to instead find a way to praise the people around us whom we affect.

    She would say, “Thank you for waiting for me!” Or if/when we do something less than brilliant or smart to say, “Thank you for loving me!” 😁😜😌

    God bless you and your beautiful timely words and love for our Lord:)

  4. Leigh Ellen says:

    This advice is a game-changing! Thank you, Cheri!

  5. I’m a member of that MOMs group and can promise none of noticed you were late that day. Kick the shame Cheri to the curb because speaker Cheri ROCKS and is a DELIGHTFUL Woman. 😘

  6. Cheri,

    This is just SO excellent. And as I sat here, reading it, and emphatically feeling every ounce of anxiety that was coursing thorough your veins, I realized that I have experiences similar to that from YEARS ago that I still replay in my head.

    Wow, Elsa – “let it gooooo” already. To my shame, I realized that you are spot-on. Years later I am still making it all about me.

    Thanks for knocking on my head a bit.

  7. Hello kindred….:) I could have replaced myself in your story many-o-times….thank you so much for sharing and letting us know we’re not alone! And for this ministry. It comes in the Lord’s perfect timing in my life.

  8. So good! Yes, it’s so easy to make my mistakes about me because all my insecurities rise to the surface. Thanking someone for their help when I know I’ve messed up is humbling and it honors them outwardly instead of turning attention to my own penance. Love this picture, thank you Cheri.

  9. Once again a great message to deal with emotional overload! It’s so good to know we don’t carry everything alone- and especially, our mistakes.
    Thanks for bring such a great communicator and addressing subjects common to everyday life.

  10. Love this. So very true about how shame operates. So grateful God helps us overcome shame. <3

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