think about your failures


  1. Claire Anderson says:

    Wow! What powerful insight. My go-to self-deprecating script when I feel like a failure is “You can’t do a single thing right, Claire, can you?” in the most hateful tone you can imagine. The beauty queen vs. baker illustration is especially meaningful for me as I am an avid baker. Thank you Cheri! By God’s grace, I hope to embrace this!

  2. Debbie Rhodes says:

    This analogy is brilliant! Super insightful! Thanks for posting. ?

  3. I can totally relate to the perfectionist…the message that I’m personally a failure when I do something wrong is very loud in my head. And then I think, “Who would want to be my friend/keep me as an employee/want to love me when I can’t do anything right?”

    I’m going to start thinking about burnt cookies the next time something goes wrong and I want to beat up on myself…thanks Cheri! 🙂

  4. Pam Stefani says:

    I saw a Dove commercial last night where a forensic artist drew women according to their description of themselves. He never saw the women, just their discription.
    Then he had the women describe each other and he drew them again.
    It was amazing! The sketches where the women described themselves were not pretty, in some cases they looked awful. And the sketches of the same women described by the other women were so different and beautiful, and so much closer to what they really looked like!
    We can be so hard on ourselves, this creation that was created in His image! We (I) so need to see ourselves the way God sees us. The beautiful creation that He made us to be. And we are not failures!

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