1. Judy Westbrook says:

    You have no idea how frustrating and difficult it is to be amidst the clutter as an elderly parent. The clutter no doubt collected during the children’s growing years while both parents were holding down jobs to pay rent/mortgage, groceries, vacations, and numerous other expenses involved in raising a family. Then comes the empty nest when the kids pack up for college or the greener grass, or both. Mom and Dad continue to age as the kids begin their own careers, families, etc. (in their greener grass, of course), and they are not much interested in the things they left behind, or in Mom and Dad’s old fashioned things back at the old homestead. Time marches on and before you know it Mom and Dad no longer have the strength and/or ability and money to physically deal with the years of accumulated goodies, not to mention the time due to their new social life in and out of medical appointments and hospitalizations. So you young agile offspring can solve your parent’s clutter issues by becoming involved in cheerfully resolving them with your amazing grit and cross fit muscular fitness!

  2. At first impression, my reaction was similar to the hosts – “My goodness- you are living cheaply with your folks in their space – just deal with it!”

    But you were so creative considering attitude adjustment and the possible reasons hubbie might react. I felt energized with hope by the positive approach! Story telling is a great way to sort! Takes away the drudgery.

    It also occurred to me that some parents might even share the desire for less stuff , but lack the energy or drive ( or personality style or health) to deal with it all. This podcast made me wish I had a consultation service this ingenious to call with my own hurdles!

  3. I thought your insight was very good…it had not occurred to me that her husband would be bothered by his wife’s reaction to the clutter.

    This is a hard situation to be in, no doubt about it 🙂

  4. Thank you for this message today – I have a mother and an aunt that are both widowed now, and they don’t really have clutter – just lots of STUFF! and this will help me approach them to start cleaning it out, so myself & siblings and cousins aren’t left to do it after they are moved to a nursing home, or pass away. Great information! Love the questions to print out also!

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