How to Be Content

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  1. I love your writing. I have been reading your essays, but haven’t signed up because something about the idea of a God/prayer blog scares me…. even though I am spiritual.

    I relate to so much of what you say and when your memoir comes out, I plan to read it with pleasure. My daughter recently got a tattoo and I wish I found your wise words before I said everything I should not have said, (but still mean because I can be mean and judgmental and I need to work on my own stuff). I now try to repair the hurt my reaction caused her; I love her so fiercely and she cares so much about what I think about her. Which is confusing, because she makes her own choices and she is so strong, yet, she wants praise and love for who she is and the choices she makes. Instead of supporting her choices and celebrating her strength, I had a very regrettable reaction to 1999 inked on her arm.

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