1. Martha J. Sturm says:

    My struggle with depression.

  2. Enjoy your website ~ thank you! 🙂

  3. I know that God will provide when it comes to healing extended family relationships that have gone sour. This “mountain” is causing a lot of of stress and strain on my marriage and in our lives right now. He will provide and guide us!

  4. My mountain is the desire for my husband to be home and present more often.

    1. Great post Cheri. My mountain has always been staying positive and remembering the important things in life rather than focusing on the negative. Taking the time to remember these mountains on a daily basis and knowing that as long as I continue to put one foot in front of the other, I will eventually reach the peak. I saw a video on FB yesterday that is based off the story Abraham and actually drove me to tears. Anyhow thanks for the post. Heres the video if you want to check it out –

  5. Darla Bunyan says:

    We have made it through so many mountains and will continue God willing, with the Lords help!

  6. My father died recently and although we had not spoken in over a year, it was left to me to make his final arrangements. I had looked my step sister and two step-brothers for over twenty years, but had been unable to find them. After receiving the news of my father’s death, I was able to go right to Facebook and locate all of them. I had tried My Space and Facebook and other means before but was never able to find them until that day. They had not spoken to our father in many years either, but we have declared not to lose contact with each other again. GOD DOES PROVIDE!!!

  7. One area God has answered my prayer is through taking care of my youngest son. He is a Christian but is irresponsible. He seems to always have a black cloud following him. He gets a job then something happens and he is unemployed. God has always taken care of him and allowed him to find another job. Recently he felt it was Gods will for him to be in the military. Since he had to have his spleen out a few years ago due to a blood disorder I thought there was no way. I prayed frequently and he also prayed. God is so good, my son got in the military. I know this was only God moving in his life.

  8. I’m going to do the time-line. What a good reminder of God’s involvement in our lives!

  9. My mountain….my family’s salvation…..BUT GOD …. Love those two words now three more …GOD WILL PROVIDE..
    Thankyou for your inspiring words. Looking forward to the study

  10. Jackie B. says:

    My mountain is worry and fear. I know that God’s word says to be anxious for nothing, and I cling on to that daily. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  11. My mountain is often myself! I need to remember that I can not do it all myself. I can not be a good mom, wife, homeschool teacher, friend, family member, etc all by myself. I need Him as hard as this is to admit!

  12. Kimberlee says:

    Jumping in the same boat with others claiming “finances.” But I have to say, this laying Isaac down has popped up twice recently. It was the first Biblical story that came to mind when we received the fatal diagnosis of our last child when I was 13 weeks pregnant. I’m getting closer to understanding more what God wants me to learn from that story. I want my mountain to mean God will provide another child. But it’s been 2.5 years and I am seeing no change in my husband towards that. I am losing hope, maybe I should have relinquished it a long time ago, that He will provide us with more children.

  13. Laura Jacobson says:

    My mountain is trying to provide for my son and his family also who moved back home last fall. God will and always does provide!

  14. My mountain is the success of my business. I know God wants me to be home with my children and it helps me keep focused when I am about to give up. He brings me success and I have to remember that it is not me but Him that makes it all happen. Instead I need to focus not on what I want but who He wants me to help through my business.

  15. I actually have two, neither of which I can post because they involve other people. I do know that God will provide in these situations. 🙂

  16. We have a mountain of needing a home. God will provide!!

  17. My mountain is looming directly in front of me right now. My soon-to-be-ex husband has started cutting off all my resources one by one. The electricity is the latest. He has also stopped paying what he agreed to pay and has started to pay what he thinks would be awarded as child support. It is not enough to cover the rent and the electricity; much less anything else. I have started two direct sales companies to try to pay the bills he’s no longer paying, but it’s slow getting started. I am relying on God to provide for my children and myself. I need to find a place to live, inexpensively and quickly; one that is in a safe area for my children. I need to increase my business so that I can provide for my children. But, the only way I can do these things is through God’s provisions. I cannot do it on my own. Yes, God will provide!

  18. I love the family timeline showing God’s hand in our lives. Such a neat idea. 🙂

  19. This is a great reminder to me…we’re looking for a house and it seems bleak. But God will provide!

  20. Still loving the new blog design, the colors are great! A God mountain for me is our finances. God has always been faithful and we have never been left wanting. Hallelujah!

  21. LOVE the family time line idea. I am going to pass it along to the parents in my parenting classes! Thanks Cheri!
    And…love your site, my friend!

  22. I love your new website and this will be an interesting journey together. Since I’m currently between job contracts, “God will provide” is very topical for me right now. I think one of my first AHA moments was when my husband and were just married, poor graduate students. We were on a mission trip (where our flights were paid for by members of our church) and my husband’s guitar had be to checked due a flight attendant’s mis-information. After we landed, the guitar was nowhere to be found ….. it arrived three days later in a very soaked guitar case. However, the guitar was fine. If God will provide a guitar’s safety, he will provide for me.

  23. Such a wonderful thing to celebrate! I love the idea of starting a family time-line. Thanks for the idea!

  24. The one distinct mtn in my life but I know it is gods will provide and he has, is my husband’s addiction.

  25. my mountian of God will provide mountian. Is my teensage daughter, I know God will provide what she needs and will help her.

  26. Love this opening…peaked my interest, plan to follow. Thank you!! God bless. Love the website! =)

  27. carol boley says:

    What a beautiful website, Cheri!

  28. I’m looking forward to this series very much Cheri!

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