1. darlene dunlap says:

    I guess the one decision someone else made that affected me the most was my husband. He decided to have an affair. I won’t go into details, it was a very dark time in my life. But after many months, we reconciled, now several years, we are finally happy. During this time, God taught me so much, I am now closer to God, have more faith than I ever had. God showed me that through bad decisions of others, he will never leave or forsake

  2. Michelle Prince Morgan says:

    What’s an experience that taught you an important lesson about about the unexpected consequences of choices (yours or another’s)? My children have made choices that they think should only them, but their actions sometimes affect me and my husband.

  3. Thank you for this series. I’m learning so much.

  4. Oh if only people truly realized how their decisions affect so many people.

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