1. I always enjoy reading your stuff,and lately it’s like everything you write is spot on for me. Thank you so much for making me feel NOT so alone! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Cherie, for your profound posts. I want to share a time when I thought I was learning about sacrificing but I was very wrong. For too many days and nights to easily count I was with my son at the Children’s Hospital while he received cancer and radiation treatments. He was sick, He missed school. He was rarely healthy enough to be with friends. Surely this must be what suffering looks like. Wrong. My then 10 year-old son saw it as an opportunity. He shared his love of Christ every time a nurse and doctor came in and saw the statue of Jesus he lovingly carried to the hospital. He was not worried about possible mortality that comes with stage 4 cancer. In my son, Alex’s words – God’s not done with me yet. My son is now 15. What I thought was a time of suffering for him has made him stronger – not a cliche, for real. He is mature for his age, he is kind and gentle, He is especially close to some of the elderly who have cancer in our neighborhood often helping to shovel snow or do yard work simply because he can. I have learned a lot about what I thought was suffering. When we keep a strong faith, the suffering can really become opportunity!

  3. Darla Bunyan says:

    I NEED this book! I have so many times tried to make my husband meet my emotional needs, not God, so, I think this is a HUGE problem within our marriage! Thank you, God Bless.

  4. My hubby and I are going through financial issues and he’s going through depression. The main things I feel the Lord teaching me through all this is trust and patience. I have (still am) suffering to put my selfishness aside to help my husband. I am not a trusting person and now I’ve started to try harder to trust God will take care of things and is already taking care of things according to His will even when it doesn’t look how I think it should. I also know God is teaching me patience because that’s another area of difficulty for me. I have had to be patient with my wonderful man and not be bitter for him being depressed and wanting to just snap sometimes and say “get over it” to him.

    1. Shellie,
      Perhaps you and I are twins separated at birth! 🙂 I am going through similar things – with my husband as well as the difficulty of being patient. I will pray for you to have patience and wisdom my friend!

  5. Loved the parallels. I thought this info would be fun to add to this part of the story. What is interesting about Genesis 25 is that Jacob and Esau were identical twins because Jacob came out holding Esau’s heel. This means there was only one sac and they were monozygotic (commonly called identical). This was foreshadowed by Rebekah feeling more fighting than typical. What they did have was twin twin transfusion syndrome. This is were, when there is only one placenta (there is always only one placenta when there is only one sac), the blood flow is unevenly split between the infants. One gets too much blood and looks red, the other too little and looks pale. It is medically interesting that it is almost always the bigger red twin that has the most consequence. These children often have mini strokes before they are born and their IQ suffers more than the pale twin. The consequence stated here was that Jacob also looked less hairy (less mature). He probably remained shorter. This presentation suggests two things. One, there may have been a reason Jacob could easily cheat his brother out of his birthright. Second, it may be the reason Rebekah wanted Jacob to be the heir. (http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/64/3/309)

    Is this why Isaac did not trust hearing Jacob’s voice? Unlike parents of most siblings, I occasionally have difficulty telling my identical twins voices apart. This may explain why the almost blind Isaac trusted his hands over his hearing.

    Interestingly, my twins have always seen Esau as the hero of this rivalry when in Genesis 33 he kisses his brother and dismisses revenge. “Of course he kisses him, Mom. They are twins!’

  6. I just want to say Thank You for taking time out of your day to write about how God is working in you and for you. I am trying to reboot my spiritual life with the help of a friend. Reading blog posts like yours are helping me a little bit everyday.

  7. This was a great post. It is always great when someone points out a new foreshadowing of Christ’s last days. I never realized that Jacob denied Isaac three times. It amazes me how the bible just lays everything out. As for the question of the day. About 6 years ago we moved from Chicago to New York state to watch over my in-laws. What we never realized is that my father-in-law had cancer for years and would die less than 2 years later. My husband, with my help, took care of all of his needs and he died in our house. It was a true sacrifice that my husband made. He could not work much and we lost alot of money in the stock market crash that happend while he was taking care of his father. We became alot closer as a couple and closer to God. Now we are taking care of his mother who has dementia along with our four children. God really opens doors when you give into his plans. Thank you so much for your post!

  8. Thought provoking as always. The giveaway book looks like an awesome Bible Study book. I’m currently looking for our next Bible Study and this has made the list of possibilities.

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