1. Margaret Gorman says:

    So Cheri your love story is blossoming and I know will remain as loving and caring as mine. Tomorrow @ 1:22 AM will make two months since my love started his new journey. Love him with all your heart & take chances – one never knows what the adventure will be Much love, Mags

  2. That’s sweet. I hope you had a great lunch date!

    1. That we did! And I learned that next time I’ll ask, “What do you have in mind?” before going into efficiency mode…I almost missed out!

  3. Full disclosure here…over Thanksgiving, he hugged me IN FRONT OF HIS MOTHER. Several times. Which he has never done in all 15 years we’ve been together. I felt loved!

    1. Holy moley!!! In front of his mother?!? SEVERAL TIMES?!? After never before?!?


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