1. I have read/re-read your article – being told what to do …..yes, we are all human & think we can do it. Well, if we’d only step aside to listen first before opening our mouths with a come back. No one likes to be interrupted & talked over. And certainly not being told just what to do. We need to be loved and accepted the way we are.
    I am a MOM & often have grand-mal seizures. I have days following, recovering to speak – wanting to be accepted the way I am right now. I
    I need the connection, not the coaching.
    Yes, I want to hear the words .. “I see what you’re saying. – and “that must have been hard.” I seize & it is always with those who are closest to me: family and friends that have to share that time. They often are eager to tell me exactly what
    to do (and how to do it!) I recognize this truth – that I need the direction but, the
    coaching I haven’t asked for & it does come across as an evaluation.

    As humans we hate being told what to do by those closest to us: But we need to remember (just as you stated )…
    “Unsolicited advice feels way too much like criticism.”

    I need to learn the simple strategies that make feedback-giving and feedback-receiving a whole lot easier! I am unable to be employed & do not have the financial backing to purchase the offer presented. I would like to hear the information, please tell me just how I can learn more….. Julie

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