1. I am usually wrong when I try to decipher my husband’s intentions or motivation for something. I am still working on this.

  2. It is amazing how much we misunderstand others. I’m excited you joined the blogging world!

  3. How we think about things determines their impact on us. We become angry, not because of what is done to us, but by thinking angrily about the event.

    We also suffer from attributing motive (which we cannot observe) to a person’s actions and then respond to that imagined motive.

    Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss what Matters Most talks about learning to communicate what impact the action has had on us (in the case of checking the door – none) and being curious about motive (which you and your friend reframed nicely).

    This falls short at times when people cannot communicate their motive well. I suspect that for some people personally checking the front door may be a bit of an OCD feature – we all have a few of those, and they defy logic.

    Nice job!

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