1. I am so loving the “lite” entries. Thank you for being so honest. That is what women need. I feel such relief when I read about others struggling with the same issues I do and have stopped reading blogs where the person appears to have it all together. Life is so hard; women make it even harder, and reading about perfection makes us want to give up. Also, I love the fonts and colors you use. They make it so easy to read, and that really makes a difference!

  2. I have Kathi’s book too. Sitting buried in a pile on my dresser. Time to pull it out.
    Gingeroo616at aol dot com

  3. About a year ago we moved to a much smaller house and so took the opportunity to do the much needed job of purging. I can relate with your garage story because is resembles mine so well. Now as we prepare to go to the States for a few weeks I keep trying to remind myself not to buy just for the sake of buying. When you live somewhere where shopping is not an event, but a chore, it’s easy to go into Walmart and malls and buy, buy, buy. I mean of course I need that gadget that does a zillion things in under a minute! I’m sure to use it at least a half dozen times before it gets stored under the counter. Anyway, as I try to write down a list of needs this blog was a good reminder to really think through and not buy more just because there’s still room in our luggage. Now I’m off to declutter our office that seems to be the dump all place. (Maybe I’ll set a box of stuff outside to bless passerbyers. It will be gone in less than an hour!)

  4. I definitely want to work towards being a good steward. I am sure there is much in my small house I really do NOT need, but hang on to. Because the house is small and I am not a very good organizer, it ends up Clutter! My basement is full of it, and needs purging. That is my summer project. But I am also wanting to take this slow, so as not to be overwhelmed, keep a calm head about it all, and make wise choices.

  5. And, honestly, with 5 little ones, it’s hard to let go off stuff that may be hard to get the next time I want it… Actually going to the store to buy something?… It’s “much easier” to just hold on to what I already have. You know, scraps of this and that… :\

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this perspective…I hadn’t really thought about our junk/clutter in terms of being a bad steward of resources. Makes me want to think really hard before I make any “necessary” purchases. Connie

  7. This is very good. My husband has been talking about “all the stuff” in garage for a while now. We are hoping to get in there and get rid of some clutter but it is always very hard for both of us as we are savers. Your story was a very good and helpful reminder.

  8. Trying to let go of my fears and let God deal with them.

  9. I want to let go of the desire to please anyone before checking on what God thinks of me and what I’m doing.

  10. Mindy Bowman says:

    Oh my…I so need to do this! I have to say I am not really ready to tackle this yet. God still needs to work on me a little more apparently! But, I will be following along so I can be ready when the prodding from Him starts…which I know it will. 🙂

  11. I know that God has led me to your blog when everything you’ve posted over the past month and continue to post are so timely for me right now. After quitting my job and now being home all that I see is the stuff that is all around me. I don’t have time for my hobbies due to busy schedules for the kids and all of this stuff is just in my way. It’s time to take control of the clutter. I know there are many people that could be using the things that are just in my way. I’ll have to get Kathi’s book. Maybe God’s plan for me involves Kathi’s wisdom. Thank you! God bless!

  12. Ouch! Sometimes the Spirit’s conviction smacks me SO hard between the eyes…

    Yesterday, I found myself in a similar place, though I hadn’t yet articulated it so well. I sewed up sundresses for my daughter and I, so that yet another project wouldn’t be stored on a shelf past its prime and promised myself that THIS summer, I would get it all back under control. Problem? In my head, that pesky little word “my” was added to that sentence. Yep, “MY control.” Oops!

    Your reminder that I am a steward of HIS gifts and resources is a much needed reminder. I went through a box of old photos yesterday and threw away about 1/2 of them (Who WERE those people? Where on earth was this taken? I kept this fuzzy photo of myself WHY exactly?) What I’m left with is a meaningful collection of memories to be placed in my album to share with my family- especially my daughter, who loves the stories about who and where she comes from… and she was thrilled to find several pictures of her beloved Punky-cat who died just 2 weeks ago after a long 17 years as a part of our family.

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