1. Hi Cheri,

    I adore you. Neat neat. Love the stories. Sending a hug your way.

  2. I started watching this and then my 12 year old needed help on something!! but i WILL be back to listen to your whole story…..thank you for sharing such a wonderful, heartfelt comment on my blog. I do miss my daughter but I must say, although that empty feeling is there in the house, I have cultivated friendships over the years (due to ministry duties) and my husband and I are just beginning to do more together now that there is only 1 at home. I am so thankful you shared your feelings about bringing your daughter to college for the first time. Most of my friends are experiencing this very thing. It is good to know so many women face the same type of feelings! bless you…(and i’ll be back tonite or tomorrow to finish!)

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