1. You can’t believe how perfect this timing is! We have two boys old enough for youth group camp this year. The oldest has been twice, we paid both times. We can’t swing it for both. So we told the oldest he’d have to pay half. He’s had a dog-walking job for a year now and earns good money for a 13 year old. He has saved a little but not as much as he could have. Well unfortunately he no longer has the job as of Friday because the dog’s owner is now working from home. So I want to jump in and say well its not his fault. Its not, but that’s part of life. Had he been more diligent about saving the last two months, I’d be more willing to make up the difference but this is definitely a lesson he needs to learn… But its going to kill me to watch the younger go off without him….

  2. Cheri–this is just chock-full of wisdom! I’m glad you shared it. I have made the wrong choice several times with one of my kids, and other times I’ve made the right choice. In the long run, letting them feel the pain always works out better for everyone. I’m glad that others will be able to learn from the wisdom you have shared here 🙂

  3. What an excellent post. I still struggle with wanting to bail out my 19 year old but I think I’m getting better, especially since my mom passed away and can no longer go around me to bail our daughter out. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Beth Anderson says:

    You are a wise and brave momma! Excellent!

    Beth A. (OBS Group Leader)

  5. Kara S (OBS leader) says:

    What a great post. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Powerful, exceptional writing. Your point resonates with me as a father. I love your clear, recurring theme–a learning moment through necessary pain and disappointment. Thanks for offering the link at Michael Hyatt’s.

  7. So very timely for this mother of 4 girls who hates to disappoint them. But, it is true, and letting them learn from lessons of life while they are in my home is the best thing.

    Thank you for reminding me. I will now be saying this “pain and disappointment in life are powerful teachers..”

    Blessings! Thanks for linking up.

  8. Boy did I read this at the right time, my oldest son has been dealing with some pain and disappointment recently and i so want to step in and rescue him!
    Thank you for your post it’s wonderful, I found you on the Titus Tuesdays link 🙂
    God bless,

  9. Oh this is so good…
    so good.

    Thank you so much for sharing, and for linking up with Write it, Girl!!

  10. Such amazing thoughts, Cheri! I think much of my motivation for trying to intervene in my kids’ lives is that thought that I can spare them from the heartache I went through, and it’s not true or right. They need to wrestle these things out with God.

    I’m going to amend my own post so that this is featured inside it! Thanks for leaving the link in the comments!

    Sheila from To Love, Honor and Vacuum!

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