1. Traci Michele says:

    what a wonderful analogy! Vising from WLWW! Love, Traci

  2. Wow, the antonyms for ‘submit’ really woke me up. We have been married for 3.5 years and I’m a recovering feminist. I still struggle against submission. And like you did in the past, I give mental ascent to the idea, but don’t put it in practice much. Thank you for this wake-up call.

  3. Loved this post. Found you via Living Well Wednesdays and I’m including this post in my weekend round up this Saturday. Thanks!

  4. As an avid water skier and submissive enthusiast this was a wonderful post that tied it al together.


    Hit it!

  5. GREAT explanation of submission. So many outside and inside the church mistake what Biblical submission really is. Thank you for sharing this today and being open with your own struggle at submission. I think we have all had our own struggles with the concept, especially in mondern America!! 😉

  6. Some good thinking and writing on a difficult topic. Loved hearing from your wise husband, and waterskiing is such an apt metaphor!

    As always, thank you for joining us for Marriage Monday today, Cheri.

    Blessings, e-Mom ღ

  7. Really enjoyed how you included your husbands thoughts in this post. Great comparison.

    “So submission–at least for me–is saying “I do” all over again. ” Really liked this quote of yours.

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