1. Cheri, I love this image!! My husband and I took swing dance lessons before we were married (and want to again someday when there’s time- Ha!) and it was so hard for me to let him lead. I don’t think I ever did get the hang of it. But now, I think it would be different . I’ve learned so much in life that would translate, just as your dancing translated to your life and marriage. I will definitely remember this today!!

  2. Loved every word of your post, Cheri. This is fantastic!

    And you bring out a point that I will think more about… our need for hints of where our husband wants to lead us. As in salsa dance (which we love!) it’s hard to follow gracefully when each new move is a surprise. Hmmmm…

    Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today.

    Hugs, e-Mom

  3. @Tami — When I remember to recognize this, and when I choose to relax, YES it helps me follow better. The simple truth is that life is a bumpy ride, and it’s not my husband’s fault when I feel jerked around. Often, he has to react in the moment and there’s no time to brief me. He just needs me to trust him and go with him… not run off on my own and pout!

    @eMom — Just knowing that Daniel knows about my need for hints has opened up communication about this. Sometimes just hearing, “I can’t go into details right now — can you just run with it?” is enough to help me feel that even though I’m pretty much flying blind, we’re still connected as partners!

  4. I realized my resistance to his lead always came when I felt jerked around, with no time to discuss a given circumstance or contemplate options.

    Great insight! I like your dancing analogy too.

    Can I ask? Has recognizing this in yourself helped you follow better?

  5. Lisa Maria says:

    Hi Cheri

    This was such a great post! Having done a few salsa lessons with my husband some years ago.. I know exactly how to relate to it. Unfortunately, we quit before we got too far, but you hit the nail on the head about trusting the leadership. My husband once twirled me straight into some speakers.. we laughed about it but it kind of demonstrates exactly your point..

    God bless!

  6. Cindy Penner says:

    Great article, Cheri! I even flipped over and read the article you referenced. Lots of little , relatively easy hints to make our marriage stronger. Thanks for the insights!

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