1. I am a people pleaser. I don’t get hurt or resentful but I do beat myself up for not “doing enough”. Or I beat myself up for hurting someone while helping them. Or I beat myself up for getting exhausted while helping others that I can’t help my family. See the trend?? Lots of beating myself up.

    It’s like I believe that I am the only hands that God has at His service. Like without me his ministries would fall flat… how prideful =)

  2. I’ve never considered myself a people pleaser. I’m more of a “me pleaser”. But I do feel resentful when I don’t feel the freedom to express how I feel about something (usually something I don’t like or a boundary I’d like to set) and don’t know it will make someone really angry. So in that sense, I am a people pleaser – afraid of how they will respond or the consequences I’ll have to pay for speaking up. :-S

  3. I’m not a perfectionist. I mean really. Anyone who looks at my office or my house or my hair or my clothes would know that. Or my car, did I mention my “new” (to me) hail-damaged car?

    So why last night when we were walking out the door on our way to homeschool co-op orientation did I hear myself saying these words to 16yo daughter: “Is that what you’re wearing?” She was dressed modestly, but her clothes were not what I would have chosen. Why did that matter?

    And why was I so frustrated thinking that we might be a few minutes late? (We weren’t.)

    I kind of take pride in the fact that I do so many things “my own way” and yet I worry that others will look at me and judge. Is that because deep down, I’m really judging myself and finding myself lacking?

  4. Ouch! I have been praying about a job that is wonderful and well paying, but I am becoming resentful because it is consuming my time and I cannot get the book that I KNOW God has called me to write done. Quite thought provoking to consider how different my life would be if I quit being a people pleaser and became a God-pleaser. Good words today!

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