1. Kandace (OBS Prayer Team) says:

    Cheri… this is absolutely beautiful! But I also feel the pain in the words…My mother is in a rest home now with this horrible disease… I visit, but she doesn’t know me… she doesn’t know my children and they don’t understand. Sometimes I don’t understand….

  2. Cheri, thank you for this powerful poem/video. Really puts it all in perspective.

  3. Oh Cheri! This brought me to tears!!!! Praying for your heart and for peace .

  4. Barbara Prince says:

    Dear sweet sister, as I listen to your video my heart hurt for years of waste. What a lesson you have taught today. I pray that God will restore joy, giving you the oil of joy for mourning and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. I pray for total healing for your heart. Heavenly Father, please bless my dear sister and draw her close in Your love. May the rest of her day bring her peace and comfort in her spirit. In Jesus name I ask, amen.
    Barbara P. OBS small group leader

  5. Cheri Gregory says:

    “The Happiest She’s Been in 45 Years

  6. Wow. Very powerful. Praying for you Cheri. Can’t wait to try today’s task as well as share it. May God bless you abundantly!!

  7. Beth Anderson says:

    Oh Cheri! I pray you have peace and joy! Thank you for sharing your heart. I am in tears. She certainly gave birth to a beautiful daughter!
    Love and Prayers,
    Beth A.

  8. Wow. Very powerful. Really brings things into perspective.

  9. I loved the video. It really brings the words in the poem to life! 🙂

  10. Beautiful! I am new to your blog, but have enjoyed all the posts the past couple of weeks. I love to blog which acutally took the place of my journal, but I think when you write in a journal it becomes more personal. Thanks for sharing with us.

  11. I have several things that could be categorized within the “fear” category, frustration, unrealistic expectations, abandonment, abuse…… but through it all He has already overcome – He has freed me – I do NOT hang my head in shame! Thank you Almighty Father!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Would so love to win this book! Have 2 daughters, and want to let them know some things about me and their Dad they might not know….

    Thanks so much for the blogs, they are so good.

    Linda Berry

  13. Losing my memory is a big fear of mine because I am 35 and have had scares all ready with this( 3 months last year). Mine were triggered by stress that brought on symptoms that seemed like a stroke. I studdered all of the sudden when talking. I could not even have a conversation without forgetting what I was talking about 10 minutes in and when others were talking I was sitting there staring at them, trying to remember what we were talking about. Doctor just told me to write things down. I still have some problems today.My three children 16, 11 and 9 had to work with me to get passed it. I have to watch my stress or it starts to shut down my brain. I do not remember some of the past anymore which is scarey but I think GOD was just helping me erase somethings so I could move on or that is the way I choose to look at it.

  14. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what kind of legacy I will leave behind for my children when He takes me home. The book looks like it would be a wonderful way to think through it. Alzhiemers is a fear of mine. I’ve been watching a couple of ladies that I love going through this. It has taken them from us. Though I’m thankful that they do not know what is happening to them any longer, it still hurts to see them this way. They do not know us anymore and it’s especially hard for my children. Thank you for this post.

  15. I am prideful of what I can do and jealous that I can’t do as much as others and I have no desire to be that way anymore!

  16. This whole week I have totally focused on how God would handle situations….
    Changes everything…I have also shared what this week has been like for me and learning to truly trust in God for all things plays over and over again in my thoughts…
    Staying in his word…He is our everlasting Rock…I am so learning…

  17. The poem is certainly one that is making me think. I love the idea of recording a family history in addition to writing letters to my children.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I like the activity to try today. This would be good for lots of negative things: write them down in pencil & then write a Bible verse in black & over them to “conquer” them. I’ve also found it helpful to write things down & then to burn the paper while praying for help to get rid of them once & for all.

  19. Nishoni Harvey says:

    My fear is the lossname of any one ofman my children. If something should happen to any of them, I think I would have a hard time not curling up and dying right along with them. I had a horrible nightmare last night about my baby girl drowning… I WAS excited about taking the girls swimming this summer… I let fear make my decisions for me. I let the “what if”s control my life… Yesterday, I read, “Worry is the misuse of imagination.” That is so true!!! I struggle with worry, but GOD is the only one that can fix it. I pray HE will. Thank you for the wonderful reminder in SCRIPTURE today!

    1. Anonymous says:

      What a great way to look at worry…budget cuts and possible layoffs and the unknown make me worry about Having a job with health benefits for my family. Thanks to you and today’s post I am gaining a new perspective…one that reminds me God KNOWS I don’t need to worry
      Heidi J

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